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Leah's Husband BUN [10.19.08 - 9.50pm]


Okay, so I heard Leah got married to a, and I quote, "Johnny Depp like" man. So, I got curious. Who is this guy?

Well, I took a very long search around the glorious creation called the internet and found this picture and only this picture.

He's the on the right. Apparently the one on the left would be too hot for Leah's type of guy. The guy is like, 28-29 or something and a stylist who's even worked with BoA before. According to all sorts of posts on him, he likes one part of Leah the most, her "Big peach". Props to you if you know what that's referring to.

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Leah Videos [8.11.08 - 1.14pm]

Someone sent a comment to my previous post. I would imagine most of you don't read the comments, so I'm posting it again so everyone has a chance to see.

Subject: hey i made a video of Leah
please watch it 1 &2 ...and haters of Leah Dizon please watch it and i guess fans too (warning: you might get a rude awakening)

part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKmC4rOWDNI
part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rCbK3a-uYU

I don't know who this person is since the comment was posted anonymously, but it's user popxxtarts on Youtube.
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H.AT.E U Announcement [8.7.08 - 7.19pm]

Hi there,

Just a small request. If you are posting images, could you please upload them onto your own photobucket account rather than hotlinking these images. This is already a rule, if you check the information page.

We have an agreement with loveleahdizon, so hotlinking images from them is a definite no. The moderator of that community has always been very nice when dealing with problems. I have previously posted a message warning members about leaving rude comments over at that community.

I am in contact with Lonnachan, the moderator of the Love Leah Dizon fanclub, so she will alert me if anyone hotlinks images from them.

Thank you for understanding!
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Female Fashion Disasters Strike Back - leah dizon included [6.14.08 - 10.39am]

After the previous post on JE's catastrophic fashion choices (or non-choices for that matter) I felt like it's quite unfair to attack the boys when there are a whole lot of their counterparts wearing the same hideous things, sometimes even worse. There are gazillion female stars in Japan and it's quite a pain to google them all so I posted only the ones I am familiar with, and those whom I've heard. That way I can also give a quick review of their music. So here are the Top 15 worst dressed female singers/performers plaguing the Jpop world.

15 - AYAKA

BIG VOICE. BIG HAIR. Ayaka stands out as one of the best singers in Jpop. She's actually my personal fave among them all. Her high-pitched vocals, meaningful songs and powerful single (Crescent moon) make her a star to watch out for. But every time she performs on stage, she always wears the baggy, boho style with the same big hair. And THAT spells trouble. I mean, the girl is not only talented, she is also very pretty. The clothes don't do her justice.

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Leah Dizon Livetalk [10.24.07 - 12.18pm]

Leah Dizon will be doing a livetalk on... wait for this... October 29th. Anyone who knows me will understand immediately why this is slightly upsetting to me.

It's a little ironic, that Leah Dizon will be doing a livetalk on the same day that the maintainer of H.A.T.E U is celebrating her birthday.

To top off this insult to the best day ever, it's all to do with... no calorie coca cola. I hate coca cola, it makes me feel ill if I drink it.

It's a little bit sad for me really. But, oddly enough, I think I'm going to live *laugh*
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destroy her! [10.17.07 - 11.22am]

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http://mdn.mainichi.jp/culture/waiwai/face/news/20070921p2g00m0dm008000c.html <-- 8D 8D 8D. Who's willing to bet that Chicken Dizon is guilty of the charges?

I'm still seriously wondering how her naked pics never reached Japan. Do they not know how to use Google in there, or someth? Anyway. I. Would. Leak those pictures to any tabloid willing to take them. And I wouldn't even charge them a thing. :)

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loveleahdizon and hateu_leahdizon [9.10.07 - 4.28pm]

Hessy's had a little chat with lonnachan, the maintainer of loveleahdizon. She's so so lovely! Really polite and mature. Anyways, she let me know that she's banned that dom_san person and left a post there warning people about leaving us rude comments.

I have to warn you though, if I hear about anyone leaving rude comments over at the loveleahdizon comm, I will have to do something serious about that.

So, I'm hoping we won't get any more rude comments (although, you never know)
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Updates from the Slimy Pit of Dizon [8.26.07 - 2.38pm]

On November 7th, Leah Dizon will be doing her 1st Live. This is a warning to everyone to stay as far away from Shibuya O-East as possible.

This live is to promote her 1st album, Destiny Line, which is going to be released on September 12th. I wonder who will buy this?

Speaking of releases, Dizon's newest single, L.O.V.E U is still clinging onto the top 30 in the Oricon chart, dropping to position 28 this week. How is it still up there? Seriously people, that single SUCKS BALLS and not in the good way.

Finally, Lotte have made Dizon one of their spokespeople. My opinion of that company has dropped significantly. However, I refuse to stop buying their products. Call me weak if you wish...
The Yukimi Daifuku CM features Dizon who appears to have lost the ability to talk properly, while the Rich Fruits Chocolate CM features a possessed Leah Dizon with glowing red eyes.
And a last CM, Techmo's Ninja Gaiden Sigma! Oooh~ what a cool game! What does girly bimbo Dizon have to do with ninjas? Well... nothing really, but maybe pink is the new black? Also, the song is a slushy crappy love song, that REALLY doesn't go, but who knows, maybe ninjas are just looking for love?
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Inactivity [8.26.07 - 2.30pm]

Hi guys,

Let's try and get this community active!
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Competitions [8.2.07 - 1.11pm]

Competition time!

We're just starting out, so we need a few things:

1. Layout - H.A.T.E U needs a suitable layout!

2. Icons - 100 x 100

3. Link Banners - the longest side should be about 200pix, but they can be smaller

Get those creeative juices flowing!

If you need any pictures, my friend bought me the Hello!Leah photobook as a joke, so I can scan some pictures. There's also that chicken picture of Leah I edited.
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Welcome! [7.30.07 - 8.54pm]

Welcome to the Leah Dizon Hate Club, H.A.T.E U!

Tell your friends to add us too~
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