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Leah's Husband BUN

Okay, so I heard Leah got married to a, and I quote, "Johnny Depp like" man. So, I got curious. Who is this guy?

Well, I took a very long search around the glorious creation called the internet and found this picture and only this picture.

He's the on the right. Apparently the one on the left would be too hot for Leah's type of guy. The guy is like, 28-29 or something and a stylist who's even worked with BoA before. According to all sorts of posts on him, he likes one part of Leah the most, her "Big peach". Props to you if you know what that's referring to.

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October 20 2008, 14:43:56 UTC 8 years ago

you can found him in making vanilla 2-3shots


October 20 2008, 20:20:37 UTC 8 years ago

Her ass, obviously, since it's like 10,000x nicer than her face, which looks like ass, and not in the good way.

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October 23 2008, 09:18:29 UTC 8 years ago

yeah, I agree.. it's just i can't understand or tolerate the fact that she is so popular despite her obvious LACK of talent, grasp of the language, and personality.

looking at her old vids (i've only seen a few because she annoys me so much), you can tell she's changed her personality and image when she moved to the Japanese industry. there's nothing wrong with conformity but i hate that all the people (usually guys) who scramble to her defense use the "leah's such a sweet girl, it's not her fault that her managers told her to show skin, and anyone who attacks her is a jealous bitch" excuse. seriously, i don't know how people who use that line can get so worked up over defending her, because as far as i know she has no other assets to her worth protecting than her bod, so basically that's what they're protecting and supporting: her managers who get her to show skin.

what's so annoying is that there are plenty of artists out there waiting for their break and she easily gets all of that for having good looks and an excellent manager. (to be honest, though, her looks do not make up for anything in the least. i have seen far prettier girls than her with way more personality who are much less famous). the good news is that she will be gone for a while because of her kid ;D

sorry this got so long XD
Her fans should find her pathetic that she hasnt got her own mind. I would rather have self resepect and lose my job than be a slut like her. She has got a choice to show skin, she just decides to show it. If she was uglier and probably not light skinned at all all those 'fans' would be caling her a slut. Well if i met her i would tell her the same thing. She needs to get herself some self respect and a personality :)
Ayaka <3
how could i just know that there's THIS hate community *joined*
still dancing cos she's married and not with je boys and even with a man who is not even 1/1000000000 as hot as jin LOL


October 28 2008, 19:03:38 UTC 8 years ago

I KNOW! *celebrates*

love your icon, btw.
yeah celebrate!
omG i have an icon with leah in it XDD
I am really excited she got married...She is losing tons of fans!! I have seen.
Also on mixi.jp the Leah Dizon hate community has grown to 131 members..last time I checked it was 106, 25 members less. For an inactive hate group, that's a big jump!!

I found this picture on the hate community.
found this:
寫真女星莉亞轉型當歌手,但近來人氣下滑,《周刊新潮》指她10月7日起展開的巡迴個唱,門票滯銷嚴重,日 本雅虎拍賣網上,一張4500元日幣(約1500元台幣)門票,跌到160元日幣(約50元台幣)還沒人買 。

莉亞以清涼形象走紅,原本簽名寫真集《Petite Amie》,一本定價1470元日幣(約480元台幣),網路叫價至1萬元日幣(約3280元台幣),如今 卻跌至1千元日幣(約330元台幣)。媒體認為她成名後,衣服越穿越多,才流失宅男粉絲。

her popularity is declining, her concert ticket sold for 4500 yen, but now it's selling for 160 yen and still nobody buys , and an autographed copy of her photobook sold for 10,000 yen on the internet and now it's selling for 1,000 yen. the media think it's because she's wearing more clothes, and losing more otaku fans
Wow poor Leah...NOT! when the only thing you have going for you is being a slut your merchandize will obviously begin to decline in popoularity :P well Leah, maybe you should have stayed in the states...you could have become a prostitute :) man i really hate her :) thanks for this update :)
Ayaka x



November 4 2010, 23:35:19 UTC 6 years ago

Thank goodness for this group :) to put this in simple words..i hate her :) I may make an account so that i can join properly, but i wanna introduce myself.My name is Ayaka and im chinese, indian, caucasian and black caribbean :P BUT...man i hate stupid Leah Dizon! People are always saying i hate through envy...well i just hate her because i can tell wen certain behaviours are just not right. She is a slut, she wears barely any clothes in her 'music videos' and in her photos she looks like a porn star ¬_¬ How can her husband be so happy with her flashing her..umm...attributes on the internet and television?! i mean, i wouldnt be too happy that i was able to umm...'mate' with her wen nearly all of the world has seen it all before. i would just feel like another perverted freak watching her on youtube! She has the mental capacity of a fish and cant even speak japanese! so why is she even there? To be a frickin annoying idiot. She is plastic and has no mind of her own; giving into the medias perception of beauty by gluing on fake lashes and getting coloured contacts,and dressing like a hooker! You can sing and be beautiful without dressing inappropriately, so why does she? and jealous? me? Please, i'd much rather dress nicely and keep my self respect than do half of the things that slut has done! i feel sorry for her child to be honest, to be associated with that whore :P She isnt naturally beautiful but artificial, she is like Barbie, but i can at least say Barbie has some class. I've always thought that for a person to be considered an 'idol' they must be more than just facially beautiful. She clearly has no morals if she is allowing herself to be exploited around the world as a promiscuous hoe. She clearly has no dignity, because she is happy to show parts of her body that should be covered and she has no talent at all. So how the hell is she an idol? God only knows! Well i say good luck to you Leah, because she had no choice but to get in to this line of slutty work as she is clearly a numbskull with no intelligence. This just shows how shallow people are to see past her vast majority of flaws...the only things Leah fans can say is that she is 'sexy' and 'beautiful' which is just shallow stuff. Personality is what counts and this bitch has none!
Peace x
Ayaka. A <3

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