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Updates from the Slimy Pit of Dizon

On November 7th, Leah Dizon will be doing her 1st Live. This is a warning to everyone to stay as far away from Shibuya O-East as possible.

This live is to promote her 1st album, Destiny Line, which is going to be released on September 12th. I wonder who will buy this?

Speaking of releases, Dizon's newest single, L.O.V.E U is still clinging onto the top 30 in the Oricon chart, dropping to position 28 this week. How is it still up there? Seriously people, that single SUCKS BALLS and not in the good way.

Finally, Lotte have made Dizon one of their spokespeople. My opinion of that company has dropped significantly. However, I refuse to stop buying their products. Call me weak if you wish...
The Yukimi Daifuku CM features Dizon who appears to have lost the ability to talk properly, while the Rich Fruits Chocolate CM features a possessed Leah Dizon with glowing red eyes.
And a last CM, Techmo's Ninja Gaiden Sigma! Oooh~ what a cool game! What does girly bimbo Dizon have to do with ninjas? Well... nothing really, but maybe pink is the new black? Also, the song is a slushy crappy love song, that REALLY doesn't go, but who knows, maybe ninjas are just looking for love?
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